Why Join Us?

Updated Friday June 13, 2014 by World Events, Inc..

When kids play sports, they develop skills beyond the field. Through healthy competition, kids can discover their personal best, have fun and be a part of a team. Modeling fairness, cooperation and hard work, our volunteer coaches recognize achievements large and small and understand that winning isn’t just about the score. That’s why our sports are based on these pillars:

Everyone Plays

We don’t use tryouts to select the best players, nor do we cut kids from our sports. Everyone who registers makes the team and plays at least half of every game.

Character Development

W.E.S. core values of Responsibility, Respect, Leadership, Sportsmanship & Teamwork are about playing by the rules and more. At World Events, we’re more interested in developing character than highly skilled players.

Positive Competition

We believe competition is a positive process when the pursuit of victory remains in the right perspective. Learning to compete is important for children and learning to cooperate in a competitive world is an essential lesson of life. Through W.E.S., children learn these lessons.

Family Involvement

W.E.S. encourages parents to be involved appropriately in their child’s participation in our programs as volunteer coaches, team moms & timekeepers.

Sports for All

World Events Sports is an inclusive sport program. We offer programs to all children regardless of their race, gender religious creed or ability. We ask our adult leaders to encourage and appreciate the diversity of children in our society and to encourage the children to do the same.

Sports for Fun

Sports are naturally fun for children. They love the challenge of mastering the skills of the game, playing with their friends and competing. Our focus is on the fun.