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10. Eliminate Boredom – You’re sitting in a friend’s basement wondering what to do. Go play football with the NFL Youth.

9. Make Friends – You can always use more friends, just ask Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, and sports bonds people like nothing else.

8. David can beat Goliath every time – How many times does a featherweight kicker tackle a hulking 350-pound lineman in football? In flag football, a quick grab is all you need.

7. Healthy fun – One of the reasons the NFL is so popular is the physical nature of the game and that leads to injuries. While there’s no guarantees, flag football is a much safer version. No bone-crushing or head-rattling hits mean you can walk away from the game unharmed.

6. Stay in shape in the off-season – Football season isn’t that far off, and what better way to prepare than flag football. It won’t just keep you in shape, but it’ll keep your skills sharp for next season.

5. Throwing the football – Young quarterbacks turn into handoff machines until high school, and that’s banking that your high school even runs an offense with a pass game (mine ran the Wing-T…ouch.) So if you want a chance to be like Peyton Manning, be the NFL Youth’s newest gunslinger.

4. Be like your idol – Not just the quarterbacks, but everyone can emulate their favorite player. Running backs can make defenses look foolish like Chris Johnson. Wide receivers can make jaw-dropping catches like Larry Fitzgerald. Defensive backs can shut opposing players down like Darrelle Revis.

3. Sportsmanship – There’s no greater feeling than winning and knowing that you are better. But in life that’s not always the case. There will always be someone better than you. Kids should learn how to lose like a winner and want to work harder to become the best. That’s win-win.

2. Lifetime member – NFL careers can end, but you can play flag football forever. Get hooked now.

1. It’s fun – Why do we play sports? Because it’s fun.

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