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Overview of the program:

The World Events REVENUE PARTNERSHIP is a unique program designed to benefit local organizations. We coordinate fundraisers with our local sports programs, rewarding your organization with a generous portion of each registration as profit and providing your supporters with an incredible opportunity to participate in some of the most popular sports programs in the country.

The program also features both individual and group fundraising rewards, such as new bicycles, electronics or even tickets to a professional sporting event. Best of all, no up-front costs are required and you collect your profit before turning in registrations.

Program Benefits:

  • No up-front cost – simply return proceeds from registration minus your profit by pre-designated date.
  • Enhance the community’s perception of an exciting partnership with national programs.
  • Unique way for organization to raise money for a sport in which most kids will likely participate.
  • Work with a highly reputable company with many years of experience. We provide organization with posters, flyers and registration forms while assisting throughout the entire fundraising process.

Breakdown of how it works:

We supply your organization with fundraising materials, including registration forms and advertisements, to promote the programs and collect all necessary information from registering participants. Registration forms allow organizations to secure commitments from participants. Here is a sample financial breakdown of this method (exact details, registrations, and profit will vary):

$75.00 Face value of program registration
$70.00 - $75.00 Amount for which organization sells registration
$65.00 Amount World Events keeps for each registration sold
$5.00  - $10.00 Amount organization raises for each registration sold

 Under this sample breakdown, if 50 kids register for a program, the organization will raise $250 - $500 per program. Multiply that by 4 programs a year and that could equal $2,000.

Our Programs:

Next Step:

Contact Anthony Grigsby by email at or by phone at (209) 888-4904 for more information on the program.