A Sports & Fitness program for kids ages 4 - 14

Updated Monday June 9, 2014 by World Events, Inc..


Times have sure changed and so have kids. The days of driving down your street and seeing neighborhood kids playing sports, riding bikes or just running around are gone. Today you would have to look inside windows of homes and behind the glowing tv screens is where you will find children of the “new generation”.

World Events offers a series of clinics in Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Football & General Fitness. The clincs, that meet once a week, not only teach kids how to play a sport, but to show them that it can be great exercise as well. A session experience includes age appropriate activites, nutrition education, skill demonstrations, fun games and instructional scrmmages conducted in a non-competitive, recreational format.

These clinics are held at various times of the year. Most clinics are held on Saturday and Sunday and run for six to eight weeks. We also offer a couple one-day and three-day clinics throughout the year.

All instructors are excellent at communicating and teaching kids.



Pre-Level (4-5 years old)

Pre-Level helps youngsters develop a lifelong love of sports and fitness while they begin to learn playing on a team. Our curriculum includes energetic, all-inclusive games that teach young kids the basics about playing with a group.

Level 1 (5-6 years old)

Level 1 is a chance to explore all the fun skills you can learn with sports & fitnessl. Group dynamics and social skills are all learned in this fun atmosphere that Fit4Kids provides.

Level 2 (7-8 years old)

With the expectation of having fun, you will learn to love sports & fitness. Skills will be introduced and built upon, as well as, working on the team concept. Recreation games guide learning through play, and all those skills and drills worked upon will begin to make the game and strategies really come together.

Level 3 (9-11 years old)

With more of a focus on team play, Level 3 helps players develop and adapt their abilities to various positions. Our instructors begin to introduce advanced fundamental skills. At this stage, youth are taught team tactics, positions and strategies which they put into practice in mini scrimmages at the end of each session.

Level 4 (12-14 years old)

A perfect class for older kids who want the most fun out of their sports & fitness experience. These once a week classes offer the thrill of game play without the intense competition and time commitment of competitive league play. The experience here is focused on game play - scrimmages with fast-paced action refereed by our professional coaches. Teams are formed at each meeting and vary from week to week encouraging players to develop individually in a variety of positions and with a variety of teammates. Instruction is offered throughout game play.


Riverbank: Riverbank Sports Complex 2119 Morrill Rd (map)
Program: Fit4Kids Soccer

Pre-Soccer 5:00-5:30pm Thursday 4/25/13 5/30/13 $55 6 Register Now!
Soccer 1 5:00-5:40pm Thursday 4/25/13 5/30/13 $55 6 Register Now!
Soccer 2 5:45-6:25pm Thursday 4/25/13 5/30/13 $55 6 Register Now!
Soccer 3 6:30-7:10pm Thursday 4/25/13 5/30/13 $55 6 Register Now!
Soccer 4 7:15-8:15pm Thursday 4/25/13 5/30/13 $55 6 Register Now!



World Events host several week-long Fit4Kids camps for kids that want to learn Sports & Fitness.

World Events is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of Fitness in a very fun and exciting environment. We want every camper to leave with three things:

1.Between the first day of camp and the last day, we want every camper to improve their Fitness level.
2.We want all of our campers to walk away knowing what it will take for them to get better.
3.We want all of our campers to have fun and learn to truly enjoy Fitness.

Along with these items, our campers leave with their hands full of great stuff! Including:

  • A one-week In-Shape membership
  • Fit4Kids Camp t-shirt or Jersey
  • Fitness skills packet

Additional Camp Details

  • Fit4Kids Camps are for boys and girls of all skill levels between ages 7-16.
  • Skill development stations
  • Camp contests
  • Along with station work, campers will also play in sport specific games.
  • Overnight Camps are also available! Be sure to check out the camp page for more details.

(Whenever possible, campers will be separated by gender, age, and ability providing the best opportunity to learn.)