Hoopworld Basketball Academy

Updated Thursday September 15, 2016 by World Events, Inc..


World Events and HoopWorld Basketball conduct clinics for kids of all ages that focus on and teach the fundamentals of the game of basketball in a fun and positive atmosphere.

Not only will the players learn the fundamentals of the game, they will also learn to communicate with other teammates and coaches while learning sportsmanship and responsibility. The fundamentals we will stress are shooting mechanics, proper footwork, ball handling, passing skills, offensive moves, moving without the ball, and defensive principles.

These clinics are held at various times of the year. Most of these clinics are held on Saturday and Sunday and run for six to eight weeks. We also offer a couple one-day and three-day clinics throughout the year.

All instructors are excellent at communicating and teaching the game of basketball to kids and have played basketball at a very advanced level. The instruction will help any player advance skills while having fun.

In addition to learning new skills and having a great time, all clinic participants will receive a t-shirt or Jersey and participation award!


HoopWorld Basketball host several week-long basketball camps for hundreds of young basketball players that want to learn from the best and play like the pros.

HoopWorld is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the game in a very fun and exciting environment. We want every camper to leave with three things:

1.Between the first day of camp and the last day, we want every camper to improve their basketball skill level.
2.We want all of our campers to walk away knowing what it will take for them to get better.
3.We want all of our campers to have fun and learn to truly enjoy the game of basketball.

Along with these items, our campers leave with their hands full of great stuff! Including:

  • HoopWorld Camp t-shirt or Jersey
  • Basketball skills packet

Additional Camp Details

  • HoopWorld Camps are for boys and girls of all skill levels between ages 7-16.
  • Skill development stations include ball handling, passing, shooting, defense, and rebounding.
  • Camp contests include hot shot, free throws, X-out, lay-ups, and knock out.
  • Along with station work, campers will also play in 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 games.
  • Overnight Camps are also available! Be sure to check out the camp page for more details.

(Whenever possible, campers will be separated by gender, age, and ability providing the best opportunity to learn.)